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Another Delicious Quiche

Another Delicious Quiche

Another Delicious Quiche

I find myself being addicted to making quiche this Winter. Its easy, can be lovely without meat, quick and the different combinations are endless, and this, keeps you wanting to experiment..

So, I guess through packing, moving and getting settled into my new home (with my boyfriend) this is what I tried today.

Poppy Seed & Parsley crusted base, with Big Vine Roasted Tomatoes, caramelised onions and Matured CheeseĀ 

add in a decadent coleslaw with some toasted almonds.

Some pictures to get you hungry & motivated.

1 base

Crusted Butter, parsley, poppy seed and salt base

2 tomatoe ring

Place Roasted Tomatoes

4. Oven

All ingredients in & Oven for half an Hour


Let it Rest for a few min before cutting

Let it rest






This meal is nice and light and really lasts well should you want to have left overs the next day.

Have a cozy weekend x



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